The Curse of the Mallumo Kingdom

Chivan's Weak Spot

Stitches being trapped in the street with nothing but the eerie music around him he attempts to use the magical flute. A figure appears in the fog and while he can see it is a womanly figure he doesn’t get a response from them, Suddenly his mind is fogged over and Stitches blacks out.

Tess and Chivan, having failed miserably in multiple ways, Tess losing sight on Victor, and Chivan losing his holy symbol and his bounty, head back toward Starrhail. Meanwhile, Akminos and Thea go to the Temple of Selena to try and figure out why the church is suddenly blocked off from everyone. The gate is blocked with lightening and after returning to Starrhail and enlisting Narcissa’s help again, she requested a conversation with Akminos alone in return, they dispell the magic around the temple and enter inside.

Akminos leading the way the group soon discover a massacare as all the monks in the temple were murdered. They find one had survived, named Adella, who was only able to get out to Akminos that it was a human with white hair wearing ‘the charm’ before he died. Narcissa regrets that after looking over Adella and the other monks they were all poisoned. This particular poison, according to the elven woman, prevents resurrection magic. They head back to Starrhail to meet their friends and exchange what had transpired in the following hours.

As the group heads to bed Chivan is struck blind and is confronted by Aubade who tells him that if he wants any redemption or protection for ‘his soul and hers’ that he will retrieve his dagger and repledge himself to the god.

Stitches dreams of a voice that tells him that she ’can’t protect him,’ and ‘can only save him in the way she always has’ and as he wakes up he heard the voices of Adrianna and Gav. Gav is sending Adrianna to bed and when he realizes Stitches is awake he explains to him that he found him on the street, but he can’t really explain how he knew.

The two go to breakfast and see the others. An information dump later and they plan to head back to the Sign of the Emerald to speak with Rheen who had been looking for them the day before. Gavril expresses his concern that the Accords must not have gone well if his aunt and uncle were called to the Embassy but no one in the group can be certain of this. They decide to go to the tavern to try to discover what has been happening. Stitches requests that he fetch Adrianna and the group, being so supportive, follow and listen at the door.

Stitches speaks with Adrianna, wanting to confess to her how he’s been feeling. Adrianna however stops Stitches and admits to him a secret of her own. She admits that she lied to him and to the group about her mother. That her mother had not been a healer or loved by anyone in Xander. That she used her magic in evil and hurtful ways and that Adrianna thinks that her magic is cursed. It was the reasoning behind her never using it before she met the group and that as she’s been using it more she’s been getting angrier.

As Stitches confesses his feelings Adrianna’s eyes flash as a warning spell goes off and she says that they should leave. The group rushes to leave however they aren’t fast enough and manage to run into the Duke and Duchess returning from the Embassy. The two don’t seem to pay too much heed to the group except for the fact that Adrianna has been ‘dressed up’ by their daughter Narcissa.

The group go to the Sign of teh Emerald and find the window half destroyed. Rushing in they find Rheen sitting at the bar, despaired but unharmed. He explains there was a bit of a brawl last night about some ‘new power rising’ and that someone tried to break into Chivan and Tess’ rooms. The group rushes to check their belongings and find everything there. As Thea confronts Chivan about the loss of his dagger the group hears a commotion. Rushing up stairs once more they find Kessa, Chivan’s bounty, threatening Rheen.

Seeing the group she tries to leave. Thea manages to strike her before she can Misty Step away and she rushes out the door on foot. The group takes chase and quick thinking by Tess has her companion Yorin catch up to Kessa and sneak inside her pack. Thea, casting Fairy Fire, makes their retreating target glow as she turns down an alley the group watches her disappear through a door.


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