The Curse of the Mallumo Kingdom

Giving Up

Face to face with Japennen our heroes prepare for a battle. Instead the necromancer gives himself up. The group decides for everyones safety they should take him to the Guild where Tess is a member.

Getting the dwarven arcane use to the tower with no incident. Getting inside the tower the group is curious to learn more about their gnomish friend. Before too many questions can be asked they’re met by a dragonborn man. The General of the Guild as it were. His name Balasar and after casting a blind deaf spell on the dwarf he assures the group the necromancer couldn’t cast within the tower. That no one could unless they were engraved with special runes.

After exchanging information with the General and finding out about a threat against his and another Guild members life. They meet this other guild member, Vistra, a dwarf ranger, she and Tess have a close rapport from what the group could tell. After learning that there was hit on her life she offers to help the group interrogate Japennen.

Before the group could get far however Thia was struck by the very poison they had cured Jozen of. The pain was a quick onset and they were quick to get her to Tess’ old room in the guild tower while they would interrogate Japennen to discover how it had happened and why he was working for the Grey Cloaks.

The group, wanting to stay for the interrogation was allowed to by Balasar. However Japennen, to be civil at Tess’ request, asked that the group be seperated. After trying to get more information from him Japennen requested to speak to Adrianna whom he said he found “interesting”.

Adrianna agreed to speak with him and after threatening him with Tess’ help Japennen explained the antidote for the poison. Balasar and Vistra worked to get the antidote quickly and soon after the group was heading back to the Starrhail Manor.

They arrived in the manor to find it eerily quiet. No guards, no servants. Searching the group found Valentina, who was told hide by Maeve in a secret passage, Narcissa, who was found hiding in her wardrobe in her room with Maeve dead, and Sebastion who had been found feeble minded in his study.

Once the group made a plan, the decided to have the royal family members go to a temple to get Sebastion healed. The next morning Chivan and Thia attempt to complete an Oath so that Chivan can repledge himself to their god Aubade. However, the ceremony fails. And while Chivan had his holy symbol returned to him he doesn’t seem to be able to touch it. Thia reahes out to Aubade to try to figure out why the ceremony failed. Aubade responds telling Thia that Chivan must return to ‘where it began’ and he can try to redeem himself there. The rest of the group had followed the others out and saw everything happen. Chivan walks past them and Thia explains to them what happened. They agree that they are all in this together and that they would try to help Chivan how they could. The group heads to the Sign of the Emerald after picking up their ordered equipment from Jarri to figure out their next move with Valentina in tow agreeing to the meet back at the manor after a few hours.


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