The Curse of the Mallumo Kingdom

Last time....10/30

After a night’s rest at the Sign of the Emerald the party went with Prince Gavril to visit the Starrhail Manor. A home run by the Duchess and Duke Starrhail, Natalia and Octavian, where Gavril has seen a painting depicting the dagger that the party found in the home of Mayor Sept of Xander who admitted to working with the One True King Baptiste.

After meeting Natalia and his little cousins, Gavril requested that they be able to see the painting. After looking at painting and speaking with Natalia about the dagger they learn that the three daggers were rumored to take light and darkness and the dagger they found was rumored to take life. Natalia said that her aunt was the one to make the painting and that Natalia was actually up for sacrifice from the Mallumo family who practiced Malacorum.

After bending his aunt a little Gavril convinced her to allow them to see his cousin Sebastian who trained in several languages. Meeting the young Lord, he tells the group that he could try to discern what the symbols mean. Thea leaves a copy of the symbols from Stitches flute with the young Lord and the group retreat to the Emerald once more.

When they return for Stitches performance a knome by the name of Yipwig is performing in his stead. Meeting another friend of Stitches the party learns that the knome was hired after Stitches had left for the Accords with no word to anyone. Stitches, not to be shown up by anyone, attempted to face off against the knome. It was a valiant effort but ultimately the knome was the winner, much to the chagrin of Tess who bought the knome a drink.

Stitches retreats to the bar and while waiting for the knome’s set to be over are met with Stitches ex elven lover, Elise who is none to happy to see that Stitches has returned to the Sign of the Emerald. After a joking boute where Tess tries to confuse the young woman into thinking the reason Sititches left was because of her Adrianna steps in and calms her down.

Elise, angrily, stalks off for the night to return to her work only disappearing just as Stitches show began. The party go to bed that night all having dark nightmares.

Today they are to go to the Grand Library of Selene to see what answers can be found there about another item they procured. But unrest is brewing and who knows what lies in store for our heroes?


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