The Curse of the Mallumo Kingdom

The Lament of Stitches Continues

After a night of fitful sleep our heroes spend their morning at the Sign of the Emerald. However, they’re caught off guard when they’re attacked by two hired cut throats. After a coule of close calls they capture and try to interrogate one of their would e assailiants. Some quick stealthing by Tess find that Elise, Stitches gilted over, actually hired the two assialts who are members of an organization called the Grey Cloaks to scare him back out of Selene.

With Elise and the surviving assailiant arrested the group heads to the Grand Library of Selene. Taking in its splendow the group discovers a section of the great library with information on the Dark Kingdom.

Learning a few things the group hears the sounds of fighting just as they finish discussing their findings.


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