The Curse of the Mallumo Kingdom

The Lament of Stitches Part 3: COME ON

Helping a human they saw being attacked our heroes watched as Adriana was seemingly struck dead. Capturing one, supposedly the leader, a human named Osar their new friend Akminos was close with. Osar and another member of the attackers named Jappennen seemed to be members of the Grey Cloaks as well. However, before they were able to get more information Osar made a quick escape.

While Stitches, Thea, and Gav were quick to return to Starrhail Manor to enlist the help of the nearby Temple to Selena. Since no healing magic was working, they thought they would enlist the resurrection help from the Temple of Selena. The Temple however looking dangerously closed was not their best option and they headed back to Starrhail Manor to see if Gavril’s family was able to help.

Tess headed to the bazzar to try to locate the elven woman Elise spoke to about the Grey Cloaks. Speaking with a gnome when she couldn’t find the elf she learned the name of the elven man who had been seen with her friend Jarri the black smith. Victor, who according to the gnome was known for being a womanizer.

Chivan, after turning in one of their attackers, went to find more information about where to turn in wanted criminals. Trying to find the Embassy. However, not being from Selene Chivan was unable to figure out where exactly the Embassy was.

Running into Tess the two discover that they have a common location in a tavern called The Common Beard. Tess, finding out that Victor frequents the tavern. While Chivan who is hunting two women from a bounty board knows from contacts that they will also be at the bar or can at least be found there.

Back at Starrhail the group reluctantly gets help from Narcissa, Gav’s cousin, who is a necromancer. However, it’s revealed from a few identification spells that Adrianna was under the curse of a Feign Death Spell. Akimnos and Thea agree to stay and Stitches goes to the Sign of the Emerald.

Back at their base, Stitches runs into Tess and Chivan, a less than heartfelt suggestion from Tess the gnome and human are prepared and head off to the Common Beard while Stitiches performs for the evening.

The Tavern, being entertained by none other than Yipwig, the gnome bard Tess fancies, seems to be the type of tavern that rogues would frequent. The two discover an enderground gambling room. Finding one of Chivan’s quarries Kessa. Chivan decides to pla her in a game of Aubade’s Grace. The half elf convinces the paladin to bet his dagger, his holy symbol, and a few unfortunate rolls later and Chivan watches as Kessa disapears into the crowd of the Common Beard before the two can catch her.

Stitches during his performance is overcome after thinking back to Tess’ advice and ends his show early. But while heading back to Starrhail Manor he heard an eerie familar tune.


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