The Curse of the Mallumo Kingdom

The Story So Far....

The kingdoms of Ilios and Lumina are proud and grand. They formed after a time of darkness ruled by tyranny and pain. But when one reign of tyranny ends the next one is not far behind.

250 years have passed and now the two kingdoms have been at war for 50 years. After the current King and Queen of both countries agree that the war needs to end they come together for a grand Accord. A meeting of both countries, almost a festival of sorts, they will end the war and bring peace time to the countries.

But there is another reason for the need of the Accords. Across both countries villages and towns have been attacked. People murdered in the street. All of them baring a mark carved into them that the royal families thought to be long dead.

At the Accords the families agree. No one kingdom can solve this problem on their own. They choose from their ranks, not just their military, but people they had been keeping an eye on. They brought these four people together and made them the saving grace of the countries. They would discover why this was happening and report back to the families.

The most recent town to be attacked was a small thorp called Xander. And on their way there they saved a young woman named Adrianna who was returning to Xander from a religious pilgramage. The heroes agreed to escort her back to the town but when our heroes arrived they discovered that Xander had been attacked by creatures of shadows for years. The past 30 to be precise. Turning out that the people of Xander were worshipers of a religion called Malacorum. The religious symbol looking much like the symbol for the Mallumo kingdom sent our heroes to investigate the town.

After speaking with several different parties including speaking with the church. They decided to check out the graveyard of the town to find the grave of the patron saint of Malacorum. St. Ingrid. They were attacked by the very shadow creatures that the town spoke of. Barely surviving they went back to the town to speak with the Mayor of Xander, a human woman named Sept.

Meanwhile Chivan met an elven man in the tavern they stayed in. After stitches spoke with him he was revealed to the be the crowned prince of Lumina, Gavril Usoara. After Chivan explained their travels Gavril seemed concerned that his mother ever chose to work with Daphnis, the king of Ilios.

Tess decided to investigate the Mayor by searching through her home with the help of the knight Chivan during the towns daily prayer service. After going through the archives and the Mayor’s personal belongings they discovered a magical flute, a tome of Malacorum, and a dagger baring the symbol of Mallumo.

Going to confront the Mayor our heroes were attacked again, This time the whole town was involved. With the eerie music playing in the distance several town folks were possessed and they got to speak to people who were hired by the ‘King who Returns, Baptiste’. One of the towns people possessed was the Apothecary worked named Rascus, who had been assisting the heroes since they arrived, begrudgingly.

Adriana deeply upset by Rasucs seeming betrayal begged the party to let her go with them to Selene where Gavril said a grand library resides and they could find more answers about this dagger book and flute.

Our heroes made their way to Selene now joined by Gavril and Adriana. Tess saying she had business went to visit a blacksmith friend of hers to order some new daggers, While the rest of the party went to find an Inn to stay in. Taking shelter in the Sign of the Emerald run by a half Orc named Rheen who seemed to be quite close friends with Stitches.

Stitiches seeing that Adirana was distressed asked her to accompany him to his childhood home that now stood abandoned. He relayed to her his true origins and with this sign of trust seemed to start to build a relationship with Adriana.

Now our heroes will meet up and continue their investigation.


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