The Curse of the Mallumo Kingdom

We are Taken

Deciding to head back to the manor our heroes returned Valentina to Starrhail Manor to find not only new servants, and a few new guards but also that Gav and his cousins had not returned. While they discussed on whether or not they should go looking for them Tess received a strange note. Deciding to follow the clue, the group traveled to a Tavern called the Purple Ale.

It was there that Tess was soon met with Vistra. She and her companion, a snake named Focker, that Tess reminisced with her friend about old times. However it seemed like Vistra was holding something back. Before Tess could question her further the dwarven woman said that she had to leave. As she departed Tess was slipped a note from her friend, as well as seeing clearly the black veins on her arm.

Tess grew concerned rather quickly and once the group reformed they discussed their next move. To find the moon flower that would cure the poison. After much searching Stitches decides to call on a reluctant ally. A human named Mobley. Mobley agreed to show them where to find the flower. But not for coin. For a favor. And if not a favor than he wanted something of value from the group. Looking them all over he decided on Adrianna’s pendent.

Stitches at first dismissed the offer and agreed to come back for a favor from Mobley. But Adrianna gave him the necklace and the human sent them on their way. After procuring the flower and sending it off to be made into the antidote the group headed back to Starrhail Manor once more.

Arriving back at the manor and checking on Valentina, finding the young half elf safe, the group grows worried. Gav and his cousins had not yet returned and just after some decoding Tess discovers the note from Vistra reveals the guild may be in danger. They were deciding again to try to find him when Gavril returned. With his uncle Octavian in tow with more guards. The two greet the group and Gav explains that Octavian had revealed the Guild may be in danger and that they were discussing ways to get help from the embassy that contained more of the city guard.

He asked his friends to wait for him and went to Octavian’s study to discuss a plan. The group however, still wondered where Sebastion and Narcissa were. When the two’s supposed carriage never returned they decided to use the scrying eye they picked up that was supposed to belong to Elyse. After Adrianna was able to use it she focused on Narcissa and saw that the young woman along with some others were in chains at the Embassy. Thia tries to gain more insight and uses the eye to scry on Sebastion. However she doesn’t gain much else.

Tess decides to listen in on Octavian and Gav. After listening at the door she discerns that Octavian is a traitor and is either using Gavril or controlling him. She relays this to the group and they had to decide what to do. Short argument later and the group decide to barge in. Adrianna charming the guards outside the door they enter the room to find it empty except for Gavril at the desk.

Tess sees through this illusion and reaches out to touch him to find the image vanish. The group quickly looks around the room and finds the entrance to a secret tunnel that leads down to a cavernous hallway. Chivan and Tess decide to stay, in case the cure comes, and to watch Valentina. The rest of the party heads down the hall.

Chivan and Tess go and interrogate the guards. One of them seeming a little too tight liped is disposed of and the other, after some encouragement, reveals that they are a recruitment of drow elves. Octavian enlisted them and brought them to the surface under the leadership of an elf named Marcus. They bring the elf after learning this and quickly go check on Valentina.

The girl had hid but seeing it was Chivan and Tess she comes out of hiding and fires a stream of flame on the drow. The drow was quick to burn and Chivan works to calm the little girl so that she controls her magic enough that they are able to leave her shortly and try to get any remaining information out of the drow. The elf however, is no longer cooperative and dies quickly at Chivan’s hand.

In the cavern, Thia, Stitches, Akminos and Adrianna quickly meet a fork in the hall. They go left and Akminos discovers down the hall some writing on the wall. Adrianna touchs the words and the door opens to reveal a large empty room. Thia and Akminos enter and are immediately trapped as the wall shuts behind them. After solving the riddles of the room and almost drowning they are safe if not surrounded by water. Adrianna and Stitches, having little other choice, use Adrianna’s thunderwave and crack the wall in front of them. The wall burst open and the two are slammed backwards from the water. Thia and Akminos are pulled under and out the door avoiding their friends but also suffering damage. As they collect themselves, Thia, Adrianna, and Stitches look over and see Akminos hurt, but as they look at him his entire body flickers with magic and they see lying there on the ground a blue tiefling before changing back to the form of Akminos. The group starts to question him about this but continue down the hall after healing him.


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