The Curse of the Mallumo Kingdom

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The Story So Far....

The kingdoms of Ilios and Lumina are proud and grand. They formed after a time of darkness ruled by tyranny and pain. But when one reign of tyranny ends the next one is not far behind.

250 years have passed and now the two kingdoms have been at war for 50 years. After the current King and Queen of both countries agree that the war needs to end they come together for a grand Accord. A meeting of both countries, almost a festival of sorts, they will end the war and bring peace time to the countries.

But there is another reason for the need of the Accords. Across both countries villages and towns have been attacked. People murdered in the street. All of them baring a mark carved into them that the royal families thought to be long dead.

At the Accords the families agree. No one kingdom can solve this problem on their own. They choose from their ranks, not just their military, but people they had been keeping an eye on. They brought these four people together and made them the saving grace of the countries. They would discover why this was happening and report back to the families.

The most recent town to be attacked was a small thorp called Xander. And on their way there they saved a young woman named Adrianna who was returning to Xander from a religious pilgramage. The heroes agreed to escort her back to the town but when our heroes arrived they discovered that Xander had been attacked by creatures of shadows for years. The past 30 to be precise. Turning out that the people of Xander were worshipers of a religion called Malacorum. The religious symbol looking much like the symbol for the Mallumo kingdom sent our heroes to investigate the town.

After speaking with several different parties including speaking with the church. They decided to check out the graveyard of the town to find the grave of the patron saint of Malacorum. St. Ingrid. They were attacked by the very shadow creatures that the town spoke of. Barely surviving they went back to the town to speak with the Mayor of Xander, a human woman named Sept.

Meanwhile Chivan met an elven man in the tavern they stayed in. After stitches spoke with him he was revealed to the be the crowned prince of Lumina, Gavril Usoara. After Chivan explained their travels Gavril seemed concerned that his mother ever chose to work with Daphnis, the king of Ilios.

Tess decided to investigate the Mayor by searching through her home with the help of the knight Chivan during the towns daily prayer service. After going through the archives and the Mayor’s personal belongings they discovered a magical flute, a tome of Malacorum, and a dagger baring the symbol of Mallumo.

Going to confront the Mayor our heroes were attacked again, This time the whole town was involved. With the eerie music playing in the distance several town folks were possessed and they got to speak to people who were hired by the ‘King who Returns, Baptiste’. One of the towns people possessed was the Apothecary worked named Rascus, who had been assisting the heroes since they arrived, begrudgingly.

Adriana deeply upset by Rasucs seeming betrayal begged the party to let her go with them to Selene where Gavril said a grand library resides and they could find more answers about this dagger book and flute.

Our heroes made their way to Selene now joined by Gavril and Adriana. Tess saying she had business went to visit a blacksmith friend of hers to order some new daggers, While the rest of the party went to find an Inn to stay in. Taking shelter in the Sign of the Emerald run by a half Orc named Rheen who seemed to be quite close friends with Stitches.

Stitiches seeing that Adirana was distressed asked her to accompany him to his childhood home that now stood abandoned. He relayed to her his true origins and with this sign of trust seemed to start to build a relationship with Adriana.

Now our heroes will meet up and continue their investigation.

Last time....10/30

After a night’s rest at the Sign of the Emerald the party went with Prince Gavril to visit the Starrhail Manor. A home run by the Duchess and Duke Starrhail, Natalia and Octavian, where Gavril has seen a painting depicting the dagger that the party found in the home of Mayor Sept of Xander who admitted to working with the One True King Baptiste.

After meeting Natalia and his little cousins, Gavril requested that they be able to see the painting. After looking at painting and speaking with Natalia about the dagger they learn that the three daggers were rumored to take light and darkness and the dagger they found was rumored to take life. Natalia said that her aunt was the one to make the painting and that Natalia was actually up for sacrifice from the Mallumo family who practiced Malacorum.

After bending his aunt a little Gavril convinced her to allow them to see his cousin Sebastian who trained in several languages. Meeting the young Lord, he tells the group that he could try to discern what the symbols mean. Thea leaves a copy of the symbols from Stitches flute with the young Lord and the group retreat to the Emerald once more.

When they return for Stitches performance a knome by the name of Yipwig is performing in his stead. Meeting another friend of Stitches the party learns that the knome was hired after Stitches had left for the Accords with no word to anyone. Stitches, not to be shown up by anyone, attempted to face off against the knome. It was a valiant effort but ultimately the knome was the winner, much to the chagrin of Tess who bought the knome a drink.

Stitches retreats to the bar and while waiting for the knome’s set to be over are met with Stitches ex elven lover, Elise who is none to happy to see that Stitches has returned to the Sign of the Emerald. After a joking boute where Tess tries to confuse the young woman into thinking the reason Sititches left was because of her Adrianna steps in and calms her down.

Elise, angrily, stalks off for the night to return to her work only disappearing just as Stitches show began. The party go to bed that night all having dark nightmares.

Today they are to go to the Grand Library of Selene to see what answers can be found there about another item they procured. But unrest is brewing and who knows what lies in store for our heroes?

The Lament of Stitches Continues

After a night of fitful sleep our heroes spend their morning at the Sign of the Emerald. However, they’re caught off guard when they’re attacked by two hired cut throats. After a coule of close calls they capture and try to interrogate one of their would e assailiants. Some quick stealthing by Tess find that Elise, Stitches gilted over, actually hired the two assialts who are members of an organization called the Grey Cloaks to scare him back out of Selene.

With Elise and the surviving assailiant arrested the group heads to the Grand Library of Selene. Taking in its splendow the group discovers a section of the great library with information on the Dark Kingdom.

Learning a few things the group hears the sounds of fighting just as they finish discussing their findings.

The Lament of Stitches Part 3: COME ON

Helping a human they saw being attacked our heroes watched as Adriana was seemingly struck dead. Capturing one, supposedly the leader, a human named Osar their new friend Akminos was close with. Osar and another member of the attackers named Jappennen seemed to be members of the Grey Cloaks as well. However, before they were able to get more information Osar made a quick escape.

While Stitches, Thea, and Gav were quick to return to Starrhail Manor to enlist the help of the nearby Temple to Selena. Since no healing magic was working, they thought they would enlist the resurrection help from the Temple of Selena. The Temple however looking dangerously closed was not their best option and they headed back to Starrhail Manor to see if Gavril’s family was able to help.

Tess headed to the bazzar to try to locate the elven woman Elise spoke to about the Grey Cloaks. Speaking with a gnome when she couldn’t find the elf she learned the name of the elven man who had been seen with her friend Jarri the black smith. Victor, who according to the gnome was known for being a womanizer.

Chivan, after turning in one of their attackers, went to find more information about where to turn in wanted criminals. Trying to find the Embassy. However, not being from Selene Chivan was unable to figure out where exactly the Embassy was.

Running into Tess the two discover that they have a common location in a tavern called The Common Beard. Tess, finding out that Victor frequents the tavern. While Chivan who is hunting two women from a bounty board knows from contacts that they will also be at the bar or can at least be found there.

Back at Starrhail the group reluctantly gets help from Narcissa, Gav’s cousin, who is a necromancer. However, it’s revealed from a few identification spells that Adrianna was under the curse of a Feign Death Spell. Akimnos and Thea agree to stay and Stitches goes to the Sign of the Emerald.

Back at their base, Stitches runs into Tess and Chivan, a less than heartfelt suggestion from Tess the gnome and human are prepared and head off to the Common Beard while Stitiches performs for the evening.

The Tavern, being entertained by none other than Yipwig, the gnome bard Tess fancies, seems to be the type of tavern that rogues would frequent. The two discover an enderground gambling room. Finding one of Chivan’s quarries Kessa. Chivan decides to pla her in a game of Aubade’s Grace. The half elf convinces the paladin to bet his dagger, his holy symbol, and a few unfortunate rolls later and Chivan watches as Kessa disapears into the crowd of the Common Beard before the two can catch her.

Stitches during his performance is overcome after thinking back to Tess’ advice and ends his show early. But while heading back to Starrhail Manor he heard an eerie familar tune.

Chivan's Weak Spot

Stitches being trapped in the street with nothing but the eerie music around him he attempts to use the magical flute. A figure appears in the fog and while he can see it is a womanly figure he doesn’t get a response from them, Suddenly his mind is fogged over and Stitches blacks out.

Tess and Chivan, having failed miserably in multiple ways, Tess losing sight on Victor, and Chivan losing his holy symbol and his bounty, head back toward Starrhail. Meanwhile, Akminos and Thea go to the Temple of Selena to try and figure out why the church is suddenly blocked off from everyone. The gate is blocked with lightening and after returning to Starrhail and enlisting Narcissa’s help again, she requested a conversation with Akminos alone in return, they dispell the magic around the temple and enter inside.

Akminos leading the way the group soon discover a massacare as all the monks in the temple were murdered. They find one had survived, named Adella, who was only able to get out to Akminos that it was a human with white hair wearing ‘the charm’ before he died. Narcissa regrets that after looking over Adella and the other monks they were all poisoned. This particular poison, according to the elven woman, prevents resurrection magic. They head back to Starrhail to meet their friends and exchange what had transpired in the following hours.

As the group heads to bed Chivan is struck blind and is confronted by Aubade who tells him that if he wants any redemption or protection for ‘his soul and hers’ that he will retrieve his dagger and repledge himself to the god.

Stitches dreams of a voice that tells him that she ’can’t protect him,’ and ‘can only save him in the way she always has’ and as he wakes up he heard the voices of Adrianna and Gav. Gav is sending Adrianna to bed and when he realizes Stitches is awake he explains to him that he found him on the street, but he can’t really explain how he knew.

The two go to breakfast and see the others. An information dump later and they plan to head back to the Sign of the Emerald to speak with Rheen who had been looking for them the day before. Gavril expresses his concern that the Accords must not have gone well if his aunt and uncle were called to the Embassy but no one in the group can be certain of this. They decide to go to the tavern to try to discover what has been happening. Stitches requests that he fetch Adrianna and the group, being so supportive, follow and listen at the door.

Stitches speaks with Adrianna, wanting to confess to her how he’s been feeling. Adrianna however stops Stitches and admits to him a secret of her own. She admits that she lied to him and to the group about her mother. That her mother had not been a healer or loved by anyone in Xander. That she used her magic in evil and hurtful ways and that Adrianna thinks that her magic is cursed. It was the reasoning behind her never using it before she met the group and that as she’s been using it more she’s been getting angrier.

As Stitches confesses his feelings Adrianna’s eyes flash as a warning spell goes off and she says that they should leave. The group rushes to leave however they aren’t fast enough and manage to run into the Duke and Duchess returning from the Embassy. The two don’t seem to pay too much heed to the group except for the fact that Adrianna has been ‘dressed up’ by their daughter Narcissa.

The group go to the Sign of teh Emerald and find the window half destroyed. Rushing in they find Rheen sitting at the bar, despaired but unharmed. He explains there was a bit of a brawl last night about some ‘new power rising’ and that someone tried to break into Chivan and Tess’ rooms. The group rushes to check their belongings and find everything there. As Thea confronts Chivan about the loss of his dagger the group hears a commotion. Rushing up stairs once more they find Kessa, Chivan’s bounty, threatening Rheen.

Seeing the group she tries to leave. Thea manages to strike her before she can Misty Step away and she rushes out the door on foot. The group takes chase and quick thinking by Tess has her companion Yorin catch up to Kessa and sneak inside her pack. Thea, casting Fairy Fire, makes their retreating target glow as she turns down an alley the group watches her disappear through a door.

The Plan that Went Splendidly

Rushing after the half elven woman our heroes followed them down the alley and into the abandoned shop. With some quick looking around they discover a teleportation circle. Adrianna able to discern some of the magic uses it and the group is teleported into a very minimal home.

Finding some stairs the group rushes into a small living space seeing Tess’ companion Yorin trying to attack the half elf they were chasing. Kessa manages to toss Yorin aside and before Tess can attack her Thia calls her to stop and points out the dwarven woman in the corner. Chivan recognizes her as his other target Jozen. She looked to be poisoned in the same way Japennen had poisoned the monks from the temple.

After much much debate the group agrees to go after the Grey Cloaks with Kessa, who returns Chivan’s dagger to him, in exchange for getting the antidote that Victor and Japennen promised her for getting information on Tess and two other members of the Lunar Light Guild. The group comes up with a plan and heads off back to the Common Beard.

They arrive and send Kessa, Tess, and Akminos inside to pull of their plan. Chivan, Stitches, Thia, Gav, and Adrianna waiting outside. However when the sound of a brawl catches their attention they rush inside and see none other than Yipwig being attacked by a fellow bar patron. Some quick work from Adrianna and Stitches and Yipwig is saved. He warns them that if Kessa and the others are going after the Grey Cloaks that they’re in great danger.

Downstairs after briefly meeting Kabel, the right hand of the Grey Cloaks, Kessa and Akminos are put face to face with Victor himself. They’re brought before him and Akminos says that he’s had a change of heart and that he wants to join their movement. Victor reveals Osar and with a little bit of deception Victor makes a request of Akminos. To kill Kessa on a sacrificial circle. Akminos feeling he has no other choice stabs Kessa just as Tess is led into the room. Kessa’s blood begins to activate the magical circle beneath them.

Upstairs the group decides to make a distraction to get downstairs. And after breaking out another brawl the group is able to make their way downstairs. Adrianna uses a charm spell to get the guards to leave and they are suddenly faced with a room of Grey Cloaks. Working quickly Chivan burst into the room just as Akminos attacks Osar.

He heals Kessa from her wounds but the magical circle is still activated. Tess takes this opportunity to stab her guard discovering that this person also has black blood like Japennen. Chivan is able to kill Osar and with Victor and Kessa both gone the group makes their escape.

Forcing their way through the Grey Cloaks, with a couple of failed spells and pushed strength, including Adrianna turning into a wolf and Chivan dragging Tess along the group rushes from the Common Beard and back to the home of Kessa and Jozen.

They get inside and up the steps to see Japennen holding Kessa by the throat. The dwarf looks to the group standing in the entrance and smiles. “So I heard you’ve been looking for me.”

Giving Up

Face to face with Japennen our heroes prepare for a battle. Instead the necromancer gives himself up. The group decides for everyones safety they should take him to the Guild where Tess is a member.

Getting the dwarven arcane use to the tower with no incident. Getting inside the tower the group is curious to learn more about their gnomish friend. Before too many questions can be asked they’re met by a dragonborn man. The General of the Guild as it were. His name Balasar and after casting a blind deaf spell on the dwarf he assures the group the necromancer couldn’t cast within the tower. That no one could unless they were engraved with special runes.

After exchanging information with the General and finding out about a threat against his and another Guild members life. They meet this other guild member, Vistra, a dwarf ranger, she and Tess have a close rapport from what the group could tell. After learning that there was hit on her life she offers to help the group interrogate Japennen.

Before the group could get far however Thia was struck by the very poison they had cured Jozen of. The pain was a quick onset and they were quick to get her to Tess’ old room in the guild tower while they would interrogate Japennen to discover how it had happened and why he was working for the Grey Cloaks.

The group, wanting to stay for the interrogation was allowed to by Balasar. However Japennen, to be civil at Tess’ request, asked that the group be seperated. After trying to get more information from him Japennen requested to speak to Adrianna whom he said he found “interesting”.

Adrianna agreed to speak with him and after threatening him with Tess’ help Japennen explained the antidote for the poison. Balasar and Vistra worked to get the antidote quickly and soon after the group was heading back to the Starrhail Manor.

They arrived in the manor to find it eerily quiet. No guards, no servants. Searching the group found Valentina, who was told hide by Maeve in a secret passage, Narcissa, who was found hiding in her wardrobe in her room with Maeve dead, and Sebastion who had been found feeble minded in his study.

Once the group made a plan, the decided to have the royal family members go to a temple to get Sebastion healed. The next morning Chivan and Thia attempt to complete an Oath so that Chivan can repledge himself to their god Aubade. However, the ceremony fails. And while Chivan had his holy symbol returned to him he doesn’t seem to be able to touch it. Thia reahes out to Aubade to try to figure out why the ceremony failed. Aubade responds telling Thia that Chivan must return to ‘where it began’ and he can try to redeem himself there. The rest of the group had followed the others out and saw everything happen. Chivan walks past them and Thia explains to them what happened. They agree that they are all in this together and that they would try to help Chivan how they could. The group heads to the Sign of the Emerald after picking up their ordered equipment from Jarri to figure out their next move with Valentina in tow agreeing to the meet back at the manor after a few hours.

We are Taken

Deciding to head back to the manor our heroes returned Valentina to Starrhail Manor to find not only new servants, and a few new guards but also that Gav and his cousins had not returned. While they discussed on whether or not they should go looking for them Tess received a strange note. Deciding to follow the clue, the group traveled to a Tavern called the Purple Ale.

It was there that Tess was soon met with Vistra. She and her companion, a snake named Focker, that Tess reminisced with her friend about old times. However it seemed like Vistra was holding something back. Before Tess could question her further the dwarven woman said that she had to leave. As she departed Tess was slipped a note from her friend, as well as seeing clearly the black veins on her arm.

Tess grew concerned rather quickly and once the group reformed they discussed their next move. To find the moon flower that would cure the poison. After much searching Stitches decides to call on a reluctant ally. A human named Mobley. Mobley agreed to show them where to find the flower. But not for coin. For a favor. And if not a favor than he wanted something of value from the group. Looking them all over he decided on Adrianna’s pendent.

Stitches at first dismissed the offer and agreed to come back for a favor from Mobley. But Adrianna gave him the necklace and the human sent them on their way. After procuring the flower and sending it off to be made into the antidote the group headed back to Starrhail Manor once more.

Arriving back at the manor and checking on Valentina, finding the young half elf safe, the group grows worried. Gav and his cousins had not yet returned and just after some decoding Tess discovers the note from Vistra reveals the guild may be in danger. They were deciding again to try to find him when Gavril returned. With his uncle Octavian in tow with more guards. The two greet the group and Gav explains that Octavian had revealed the Guild may be in danger and that they were discussing ways to get help from the embassy that contained more of the city guard.

He asked his friends to wait for him and went to Octavian’s study to discuss a plan. The group however, still wondered where Sebastion and Narcissa were. When the two’s supposed carriage never returned they decided to use the scrying eye they picked up that was supposed to belong to Elyse. After Adrianna was able to use it she focused on Narcissa and saw that the young woman along with some others were in chains at the Embassy. Thia tries to gain more insight and uses the eye to scry on Sebastion. However she doesn’t gain much else.

Tess decides to listen in on Octavian and Gav. After listening at the door she discerns that Octavian is a traitor and is either using Gavril or controlling him. She relays this to the group and they had to decide what to do. Short argument later and the group decide to barge in. Adrianna charming the guards outside the door they enter the room to find it empty except for Gavril at the desk.

Tess sees through this illusion and reaches out to touch him to find the image vanish. The group quickly looks around the room and finds the entrance to a secret tunnel that leads down to a cavernous hallway. Chivan and Tess decide to stay, in case the cure comes, and to watch Valentina. The rest of the party heads down the hall.

Chivan and Tess go and interrogate the guards. One of them seeming a little too tight liped is disposed of and the other, after some encouragement, reveals that they are a recruitment of drow elves. Octavian enlisted them and brought them to the surface under the leadership of an elf named Marcus. They bring the elf after learning this and quickly go check on Valentina.

The girl had hid but seeing it was Chivan and Tess she comes out of hiding and fires a stream of flame on the drow. The drow was quick to burn and Chivan works to calm the little girl so that she controls her magic enough that they are able to leave her shortly and try to get any remaining information out of the drow. The elf however, is no longer cooperative and dies quickly at Chivan’s hand.

In the cavern, Thia, Stitches, Akminos and Adrianna quickly meet a fork in the hall. They go left and Akminos discovers down the hall some writing on the wall. Adrianna touchs the words and the door opens to reveal a large empty room. Thia and Akminos enter and are immediately trapped as the wall shuts behind them. After solving the riddles of the room and almost drowning they are safe if not surrounded by water. Adrianna and Stitches, having little other choice, use Adrianna’s thunderwave and crack the wall in front of them. The wall burst open and the two are slammed backwards from the water. Thia and Akminos are pulled under and out the door avoiding their friends but also suffering damage. As they collect themselves, Thia, Adrianna, and Stitches look over and see Akminos hurt, but as they look at him his entire body flickers with magic and they see lying there on the ground a blue tiefling before changing back to the form of Akminos. The group starts to question him about this but continue down the hall after healing him.

Knowledge is our Power

Thia, Akminos, Stitches, and Adrianna continued down the hall they conversed about the new found information with Akminos however they came upon a large cavernous room. Symbols and riddles on the walls as well as a contraption in the middle of the room. After working together the group discovered the secret to the puzzle and they discovered two of the chambers were empty, the other two however held items inside. One held a circular disk that Stitches realized rather quickly held a riddle where the answer was a book. The other chamber however, held a small mouse that wore a gold ring around its neck.

When the puzzle was complete the group saw not only the door disappear but on the table that the contraption was on revealed a pendent that was large crystal in the shape of the sun. The group discenred the room that held a teleportation circle. They all agreed they should find Tess and Chivan and quickly rushed back toward the manor.

Tess and Chivan watched as Valentina and her captor disappeared in the distance heading deep into the city. The two decided to speak with the servants and after Tess’ interrogation gleaned that the servants were loyal to death. Indicating that if they knew about someone wanting to hurt anyone in the manor they would have told them. Deciding they would have to wait for the antidote delivery they waited outside before hearing Thia return.

After explaining what they found the group goes back to Octavian’s study to search for more information. Stitches, Adrianna and Akminos were in the study waiting. Stitches immediately went searching for what could be the book that matched the disk he found. The bard is quick to find the book and after inserting the disk he finds that its a journal. While the entire book is in draconic Stitches due to a spell is able to understand it easily.

It is after reading through the book quickly he discovers that the journal belongs to Octavian. That it speaks about him discovering an affair his wife and the king have been having for many years. That he is using this knowledge to control her and the King. It describes him meeting a powerful entity that promises him a seat of true power. In return he works with a man named Victor and works to ensure the demise of the royal family.

The group knowing they can’t stay in the Manor another night safely, gather their things and go to decide where to head next. Stitches suggest a bar that owes him a few favors. Heading to a place called the Black Jewel they meet a surely bartender and the husband of the owner. A man very much interested in magic. He agrees to call in Stitches favor and allows the group two rooms for the night.

The group settles in for the evening and try to discern their next steps. Early in the morning before the rest of the group rises Thia sits in prayer in the glow of the morning sun. She is able to converse with Aubade. Something she is surprised by. She questions the god. Asking if he can tell her anything about Chivan’s blade and how it is affecting him. But while gentle the god is apologetic that it is a complicated matter. However, Thia then inquires about the Mallumo Kingdom. And the hand the gods must have had in their demise so many years ago. It is then that Aubade’s voice holds heat. He says that Thia has no right to queston him and that they did what they had to.

Thia comes out of prayer just as the others are stirring. The group prepares for what to do next.


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