The Curse of the Mallumo Kingdom

The Plan that Went Splendidly

Rushing after the half elven woman our heroes followed them down the alley and into the abandoned shop. With some quick looking around they discover a teleportation circle. Adrianna able to discern some of the magic uses it and the group is teleported into a very minimal home.

Finding some stairs the group rushes into a small living space seeing Tess’ companion Yorin trying to attack the half elf they were chasing. Kessa manages to toss Yorin aside and before Tess can attack her Thia calls her to stop and points out the dwarven woman in the corner. Chivan recognizes her as his other target Jozen. She looked to be poisoned in the same way Japennen had poisoned the monks from the temple.

After much much debate the group agrees to go after the Grey Cloaks with Kessa, who returns Chivan’s dagger to him, in exchange for getting the antidote that Victor and Japennen promised her for getting information on Tess and two other members of the Lunar Light Guild. The group comes up with a plan and heads off back to the Common Beard.

They arrive and send Kessa, Tess, and Akminos inside to pull of their plan. Chivan, Stitches, Thia, Gav, and Adrianna waiting outside. However when the sound of a brawl catches their attention they rush inside and see none other than Yipwig being attacked by a fellow bar patron. Some quick work from Adrianna and Stitches and Yipwig is saved. He warns them that if Kessa and the others are going after the Grey Cloaks that they’re in great danger.

Downstairs after briefly meeting Kabel, the right hand of the Grey Cloaks, Kessa and Akminos are put face to face with Victor himself. They’re brought before him and Akminos says that he’s had a change of heart and that he wants to join their movement. Victor reveals Osar and with a little bit of deception Victor makes a request of Akminos. To kill Kessa on a sacrificial circle. Akminos feeling he has no other choice stabs Kessa just as Tess is led into the room. Kessa’s blood begins to activate the magical circle beneath them.

Upstairs the group decides to make a distraction to get downstairs. And after breaking out another brawl the group is able to make their way downstairs. Adrianna uses a charm spell to get the guards to leave and they are suddenly faced with a room of Grey Cloaks. Working quickly Chivan burst into the room just as Akminos attacks Osar.

He heals Kessa from her wounds but the magical circle is still activated. Tess takes this opportunity to stab her guard discovering that this person also has black blood like Japennen. Chivan is able to kill Osar and with Victor and Kessa both gone the group makes their escape.

Forcing their way through the Grey Cloaks, with a couple of failed spells and pushed strength, including Adrianna turning into a wolf and Chivan dragging Tess along the group rushes from the Common Beard and back to the home of Kessa and Jozen.

They get inside and up the steps to see Japennen holding Kessa by the throat. The dwarf looks to the group standing in the entrance and smiles. “So I heard you’ve been looking for me.”


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