The Curse of the Mallumo Kingdom

Knowledge is our Power

Thia, Akminos, Stitches, and Adrianna continued down the hall they conversed about the new found information with Akminos however they came upon a large cavernous room. Symbols and riddles on the walls as well as a contraption in the middle of the room. After working together the group discovered the secret to the puzzle and they discovered two of the chambers were empty, the other two however held items inside. One held a circular disk that Stitches realized rather quickly held a riddle where the answer was a book. The other chamber however, held a small mouse that wore a gold ring around its neck.

When the puzzle was complete the group saw not only the door disappear but on the table that the contraption was on revealed a pendent that was large crystal in the shape of the sun. The group discenred the room that held a teleportation circle. They all agreed they should find Tess and Chivan and quickly rushed back toward the manor.

Tess and Chivan watched as Valentina and her captor disappeared in the distance heading deep into the city. The two decided to speak with the servants and after Tess’ interrogation gleaned that the servants were loyal to death. Indicating that if they knew about someone wanting to hurt anyone in the manor they would have told them. Deciding they would have to wait for the antidote delivery they waited outside before hearing Thia return.

After explaining what they found the group goes back to Octavian’s study to search for more information. Stitches, Adrianna and Akminos were in the study waiting. Stitches immediately went searching for what could be the book that matched the disk he found. The bard is quick to find the book and after inserting the disk he finds that its a journal. While the entire book is in draconic Stitches due to a spell is able to understand it easily.

It is after reading through the book quickly he discovers that the journal belongs to Octavian. That it speaks about him discovering an affair his wife and the king have been having for many years. That he is using this knowledge to control her and the King. It describes him meeting a powerful entity that promises him a seat of true power. In return he works with a man named Victor and works to ensure the demise of the royal family.

The group knowing they can’t stay in the Manor another night safely, gather their things and go to decide where to head next. Stitches suggest a bar that owes him a few favors. Heading to a place called the Black Jewel they meet a surely bartender and the husband of the owner. A man very much interested in magic. He agrees to call in Stitches favor and allows the group two rooms for the night.

The group settles in for the evening and try to discern their next steps. Early in the morning before the rest of the group rises Thia sits in prayer in the glow of the morning sun. She is able to converse with Aubade. Something she is surprised by. She questions the god. Asking if he can tell her anything about Chivan’s blade and how it is affecting him. But while gentle the god is apologetic that it is a complicated matter. However, Thia then inquires about the Mallumo Kingdom. And the hand the gods must have had in their demise so many years ago. It is then that Aubade’s voice holds heat. He says that Thia has no right to queston him and that they did what they had to.

Thia comes out of prayer just as the others are stirring. The group prepares for what to do next.


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